Rubber Bonding

Bespoke Rubber Bonding Solutions

We were approached by an existing Aerospace and Defence Customer that was having problems with a Bespoke Shaft Seal and the Bonding process that was involved, namely that the insert kept getting marked by unwanted adhesives. This was mainly due to the material that the metal insert is made from; Anodised Aluminium.

The Anodising process has a variety of benefits ranging from increased durability and colour stability of the product to cost savings and health and safety advantages but none of these are beneficial to the Bonding process hence the problems that the customer had been facing with the bonding procedures that are usually employed.

It is in situations like these that Camberley Rubber Mouldings are able to utilise all aspects of our business. Our Production Department came together with our Design Team to design and create a Bonding Jig that allowed for the whole insert to be prepared, primed and sprayed without any unnecessary contact or adhesives to hold it in place whilst providing the best position to ensure that the whole of the insert could be covered and therefore giving the best bonding results.

This was another bespoke solution achieved by Camberley Rubber Mouldings that meant the customer could be reliably provided with the highest quality parts in an efficient manner.