History of Camberley Rubber

Camberley Rubber Mouldings Ltd was formed in 1969 and operated from a modest facility in Camberley, Surrey. Founded by Mr Joe Griffiths Snr, an acknowledged leader in the industry during the 1950s.

Founded by Mr Joe Griffiths Snr, whose career included 15 years under contract to the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE), working on projects such as “TSR2” and “Blue Streak”. To enable participation in these and other programmes he was security cleared to Top Secret Atomic level.

Camberley Rubber grew into its dominating position by working closely with emergent engineering and hi-tech industries offering otherwise unavailable solutions for rubber mouldings capable of meeting the stringent demands of modern technology, the company has continually expanded gaining recognition for producing high quality precision rubber mouldings in many varied industries including Aerospace, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Military to name but a few.


Camberley rubber Mouldings moved to its current location; Unit 10 Springlakes Industrial Estate, Deadbrook Lane, Aldershot, GU12 4UH, in 1998, these premises provided us with a modern manufacturing facility with good national road and rail access for ease of logistics and this position allows us to capitalise on a solid delivery infrastructure.

We are in the midst of a thorough refurbishment programme of both outside landscaping and inside modernisation of the facilities and factory layout, affording our workforce and our customers the best possible experience when working for or with Camberley Rubber Mouldings Ltd.

Continued focus on technical excellence, efficiency, on time manufacturing and delivery and above all quality has meant that Camberley Rubber Mouldings consistently lends its name to the top of the list when companies requiring a professional organisation for the moulding of bespoke rubber components and parts.

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