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Rubber is a versatile material that through a variety of different treatments and processes can be bonded to a range of metals, plastics and fabrics in order to achieve a specific end product that would otherwise be impossible.

As a leading supplier of Rubber Bonding, Camberley Rubber Mouldings understand the need for diverse and often complicated products that are innovative and tailored to a specific goal. With a dedicated Rubber Bonding department, we are able to focus on providing the right contact surface, primer and bonding agent to ensure a secure and reliable solution.

Years of knowledge and experience within the team allows us to accurately identify the type of insert material, the rubber compound that is going to be required and therefore the type of chemical bonding agent and primer that is necessary. It is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of each type of adhesive and its properties to ensure that when bonded the final bonded section part will be stronger than the individual materials themselves.

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I have been dealing with Camberley Rubber for the last 7 years and in this time we have enjoyed a problem free and very pleasant relationship with all contact staff at Camberley. We have often been in serious need of assistance, eg. our customer would experience a problem and Camberley will always go the extra mile to help solve our customer issues.In the last 7 years, we have not experienced a single late delivery or a non-conformance! Camberley is an outstanding supplier to our company and if we as a company presented “Supplier of the year” awards, Camberley would win year on year as they are by far the best supplier that we deal with.

Large Energy Company | Buyer

Camberley Rubber are an excellent supplier and have continued to meet our expectations and demand for a number of years. Their delivery performance is consistently 100% on time in full, and their customer service team are always quick and happy to help with any queries or issues.

PPE Manufacturer | Buyer

Our previous suppliers weren’t able to provide the reliability of production, cleanliness & quality we required but CRM quickly grasped the issues & worked hard to meet our needs.

Leading Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Valves | Managing Director

To aid in the process we often require Bonding Jigs that are used to hold parts in place whilst also offering the best surface area exposure for the required area. These jigs are designed in such a way to provide the most effective and efficient solution to bonding rubber onto a variety of materials including metals and fabrics.

An example of this can be found in our Case Study section of this website.

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Rubber Bonding