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Camberley Rubber Mouldings offers a comprehensive range of bespoke rubber production tailored to your specific technical and commercial needs. As one of the leading rubber suppliers in the UK we have developed innovative ‘rubber engineering’ solutions for even the most challenging applications.

Camberley Rubber Mouldings  has a highly skilled engineering team who work in close partnership with a group of specialist rubber moulding toolmakers. The toolmakers have all been vetted and all fully understand the exceptionally high standards, most have worked with us for many years.

Together we design the tools for optimum performance as well as reliable and repeatable results over long product life cycles (which can be measured in decades in the case of some of our clients). All of the tools we commission are built in the UK by these rubber moulding toolmaker specialists, using the best materials and employing state of the art CAD/CAM facilities to make sure that the moulding tool is of the highest quality.

Camberley Rubber Mouldings have positioned ourselves so that we can select several candidates who we know have the capability to make the tool you require for any application. We brief them on the project as required and request a proposal. As a result of our strong buyer power we can then obtain very competitive quotations and select the optimum solution for your needs.

Tool Design

I have been dealing with Camberley Rubber for the last 7 years and in this time we have enjoyed a problem free and very pleasant relationship with all contact staff at Camberley. We have often been in serious need of assistance, eg. our customer would experience a problem and Camberley will always go the extra mile to help solve our customer issues.In the last 7 years, we have not experienced a single late delivery or a non-conformance! Camberley is an outstanding supplier to our company and if we as a company presented “Supplier of the year” awards, Camberley would win year on year as they are by far the best supplier that we deal with.

Large Energy Company | Buyer

Camberley Rubber are an excellent supplier and have continued to meet our expectations and demand for a number of years. Their delivery performance is consistently 100% on time in full, and their customer service team are always quick and happy to help with any queries or issues.

PPE Manufacturer | Buyer

Our previous suppliers weren’t able to provide the reliability of production, cleanliness & quality we required but CRM quickly grasped the issues & worked hard to meet our needs.

Leading Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Valves | Managing Director

At Camberley Rubber Mouldings we take a great deal of care to ensure that what we offer gives you the best technical and commercial solution available. Once the tooling has been ordered we work very closely with the rubber moulding toolmakers to ensure timely completion of the project.

Our engineering team will develop and monitor the process for moulding the rubber component. Product samples will be supplied with detailed Inspection Reports (ISIR) for your approval prior to the manufacture of parts in any production volumes. After the part has been approved, our customer services team will look after your ongoing rubber production requirements, ensuring that batches of production parts are delivered on time and to the same quality standards as the original sample.

Inevitably there will be times when tooling may need some maintenance or minor adjustment. This provides another opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to support our clients. Tool modifications and maintenance can be made using our in-house tooling facility or one of our reliable tooling suppliers, providing a quick and professional approach to ensuring a quality product.

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