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At Camberley Rubber Mouldings Ltd we have a highly skilled and dedicated team of rubber moulding design engineers equipped with full 3D CAD capability, including but not limited to ‘Pro Engineer’ software.

As you will know, your rubber product design is crucial, so if you would like to involve us at any stage of your project development, we will be very happy to assist. Camberley Rubber will work with you to protect your company’s intellectual property by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if required.

We can carry out a rubber product design review from a rubber moulding and manufacturability perspective; we can also validate compatibility with the various methods of rubber production.

Whilst we fully appreciate that you are best positioned to design and develop your products, in some cases we have been able to offer suggestions on design optimisation, which when adopted have helped clients reduce costs of tooling and component manufacture as the project evolves. This has been known to give our customers a commercial advantage when bringing new products into the market.

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As you will learn, we are not in business to make ‘a quick buck’ from selling you an inferior rubber production service but are much more interested in developing long term partnerships with our clients to a mutual benefit. If we don’t think our solution works well, for both parties, we will not offer it! That is our commitment to you.

We are not a ‘run of the mill’ cheap rubber moulding company. However, if you need a high quality and bespoke rubber product, with reliable and a cost effective service, you have come to the right place.

Camberley Rubber are an excellent supplier and have continued to meet our expectations and demand for a number of years. Their delivery performance is consistently 100% on time in full, and their customer service team are always quick and happy to help with any queries or issues.

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